What's New: May 28th, 2021


Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Classes
    • Engage tier will no longer show a "Membership Enforcement Disabled" banner when in a membership
  • Financial
    • Wodify Payments customers will now have a Nightly Billing Notification section within their Configuration settings
  • Global
    • The Help Center link in Core will no longer error out when used
    • The term "Box" will be converted to "Business"
  • Insights
    • The Calendar Icon within Insights Filters will now be clickable
  • Retail
    • 100% Discounted invoices will now apply to the correct client
  • Workout
    • Warm-up movements will now be included in a workout export



Coming soon… 

  • Rebuilt and redesigned Client App for all of your members
  • Continued bug fixes
  • Additional Insights Improvements for more customized reporting


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