What's New: July 28th, 2023


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Autofill Checkbox: Admins can now pre-fill the address and phone number of another group member

Autofill Checkbox Gif.gif

  • Pass on Processing Fees:
    • Can now be applied when Creating a Membership
    • Dropdown to Pass-on or Absorb will be available in both Quick Add or Custom Add
    • Dropdowns will only appear if the location has “passed on” the processing fees

Mobile App Updates

  •  WodiFind: Users can easily find new businesses to drop into, leading to more customers through the door and an increase in Drop-ins.

Wodifind (1).png

  • Confirmation Modals
    • Add to Reserve-it-Again if the recurring class has a late cancellation policy
    • Add to Swipe-to-Reserve when canceling a reservation/sign-in


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