What's New: August 11th, 2023


New! ๐Ÿš€

Core Updates

  • SMS (available for a 90-day free trial period): Businesses are now able to two-way text with their leads & clients
  • Media Library: On-demand content based on program, access, and progression level

Media Library  (4).png

  • More Progression Stripes: We've increased the number of allowed stripes in Progressions from 4 to 6.
  • Flexible Retail Product Options: You can now toggle retail product variants on and off as needed.

Mobile App Updates

  • Scoring for Rounds: We added a way to score rounds by including a scoring mechanism in the component name.
  • Easier Class Reservations: After reserving a class, users will be taken directly to the list of classes.
  • Improved Birthday Logic: Now only includes clients with active memberships.
  • Better BJJ Component Cards: We now support rich text, show full descriptions, and automatically expand components in the Coach View.


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