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Creating and distributing gated content through the Wodify Media Library is an excellent way to add value for your clients and revenue to your business! 

Here are three ways to set up content in your Media Library so that only specific Clients can access it:

  1. Media Library Content in Perform
  2. Content Gated by Progression Level
  3. Content Gated by Membership

Note: Think of this as an advanced-level course in Media Library. We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic functions of Media Library before continuing. 


Media Library Content in Perform

Using the Wodify Media Library you can easily organize your training plans and workout content (including videos and images) and provide clients with easy access to that content. 

Program-based folder permissions will provide access only to clients whose membership includes the selected program.

For Example:

  • A Fundamentals or On-Ramp Folder can include helpful information for new clients and be shared with clients who hold an On-Ramp Membership. 
  • A Weightlifting Folder may only be provided to clients with a Weightlifting Membership and may include - Videos of the Burgener warm-ups, Snatch points of performance videos, and more!


  1. Set up a Folder in the Media Library for your Workout
  2. Set up a subfolder for each week of the workout, and fill these folders with that weeks' pictures and videos.
  3. (Optional) Adjust the Permissions of these folders so that only a specific Membership, Segment, or Progression can access them.
  4. Utilize the new Media Library button in the Workout Builder to streamline the building process of the Workout
  5. Clients can access demonstration videos for this workout series in the Media Library section of the Wodify Mobile App.

Content Gated by Progression Level

What if you want to set up Media Library folders specific to each level of a Progression track? Permissions can also be applied based on Progression Level!

For Example:

  • Students with the Adult BJJ Progression White Belt Level can be limited to only accessing White Belt folder content. As the student progresses in ranking they will unlock more belt-specific content. 


  1. Create a Folder for your Progression 
  2. Add a Subfolder for each level of this Progression
  3. Set permissions for each Subfolder to match the unique Progression level.
  4. As your client is promoted along this Progression, they get access to a new Media Library folder!


Content Gated by Membership

Leverage the revenue-generating power of the Wodify Media Library by creating paid Membership Access Only Content.

For Example:

  • Purchase a Nutrition Membership > Gain access to the Nutrition for Performance Folder
  • Purchase "Get your First Muscle Up Membership" > Gain Access to the Muscle Up Program Folder.

  1. Create a program uniquely for your Premium Media
  2. Go to Media Library and create a Folder for this Media
  3. Go to Media Library > Permissions and grant sole access to the Media Library Program
  4. Assign the unique Program to a Membership, or create a Membership solely for access to this content!

Now, when your Clients' membership starts, they've got unique access to a unique folder for their membership!


If you need any additional assistance with Media Library, feel free to reach out to us at


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