The New Left Navigation Menu


Our new navigation menu ensures you are able to quickly and easily find new features and important business information! We’ll walk you through the biggest changes and then highlight each tab. Don’t worry; all of your features and functions are still here!

Make sure to reach through the entire article to catch some recent new features you may have missed!


In this article, we will cover:


Overview of the New Navigation Changes

Here are the five biggest changes you will see will the new nav:

  1. Waivers and Contracts still live in Documents, but are now found under our brand new Digital Presence tab
  2. Sales Portal Settings now live under the Digital Presence tab 
  3. Payroll features (Promote access only) now live under the Financial tab 
  4. Reporting & Insights both now live under the new Analytics tab 
  5. The Business tab is now the Account tab and is where you will find Global Settings, Info & Locations (Location-Specific settings), and Subscription information 


View and edit workouts, control workout settings, and save time by partnering with programmers such as Mayhem, CAP, and NCFit.


Store videos and images, create your own multimedia pages, and use this info in workout creation or share with clients via the Wodify App. You can read more about our new Media feature here.


Interact with your clients via SMS, Mass Emails, Automated Emails, Conversations, or In-App Chat. Create and organize tasks for you and your team. You can learn more about our new Tasks feature here and our new SMS feature here.


The People tab will remain unchanged, and is where you can find Client and Lead Profiles, Segments, Progressions, Client and Lead Settings, and our one of a kind retention tool, Wodify Retain



The Classes tab will remain unchanged and is where you can find Reservations, the Class Calendar, the Class List, Programs, Pricing, and Class Settings.



The Appointments tab will remain unchanged and is where you can find the Appointments Calendar, Pricing, Services, and Appointments Settings. 



View and edit invoices, view transaction history, configure your Wodify Payments account, and process Payroll (Promote only). Also via Settings, turn on our new Pass on Processing Fees feature, which could save you thousands of dollars per year.




The Retail tab will remain unchanged and is where you can Products, Inventory, and Retail Settings. 


Digital Presence 

Sell memberships online via our Sales Portal, ensure safety and compliance via our Digital Contracts and Waivers, amplify your brand using Custom Branding (Promote or Add-On only), provide a seamless in-class experience with our Wodify App, and integrate with third party software. 




Understand key business information across pre-built dashboards and reports or build own own reports using our powerful Custom Reporting feature. 

Note: Your reports and Insights pages are all still organized the same way; the navigation is just found at the top of the page now



View your subscription information, update key business information, and access our Custom Dictionary feature to change fields across the platform (yes, you can even change Clients back to Athletes).


If you need any additional assistance with the new left navigation menu, feel free to reach out to us at



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