What's New: September 22nd, 2023


New! ๐Ÿš€

Core Updates

  • New Navigation: We've redesigned the left-hand menu to include more intuitive groupings that will reduce clicks and simplify navigation.
  • New Report: The new Class Plan Member Retention report tracks new and lost clients each month based on class plan memberships.
  • New terms added to Custom Dictionary: Administrative Fee, Contract, Progression, Level

Mobile App Updates

  • Class Detail Screen: Now displays the number of sign-ins in Coach View.
  • Results Screen: Includes client information using 'chips.'
  • Appointment Detail Screen: Offers priority sorting, icons, and chips.
  • Coach View Appointment List: Features client headshots.
  • Component Titles in CA: Updated to match the measurement.
  • Video Playback: Videos automatically mute when played.


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