What to Expect with NEW In-House Wodify Sites


Welcome to a new era of online excellence! New Wodify Sites are designed by our in-house team of web experts to convert your website visitors into members. Our industry specific templates are optimized for search engines and fine-tuned to support your conversion goals.

Wodify Sites are easier than ever to manage, and detailed performance reports & analytics give you the confidence to know your website is growing your business. Opt-in today to lock in our best pricing offer and upgrade your website.

In this article we will cover:

What are the options for upgrading your Wodify Site

You have three options to choose from that will best suit your business needs. 

1. Switch to NEW In-House Wodify Sites (recommended) 

We will be migrating Wodify Sites away from our previous website solution (serviced by The 321Go Project) over the next three months to provide an enhanced experience. See more details on what’s new in the next section.

Updated pricing will take effect February 25th, 2024. Note: there will be no website build fee or other change to your pricing before this date, even if your new website goes live sooner than 2/25/24.  

To add your website to the queue, just provide us with a few details and select a template using this form. Depending on your submission date, it will take about two weeks for our team to build out your complete website preview. As soon as you’re satisfied, we’ll send your new site live. Then, you will be able to access the backend of your new site directly from Wodify Core, and work with our Account Management team on proven optimization strategies for growth.

All templates, enhancements, pricing, and transition details can be found at the bottom of this article. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email our team at support@wodify.com or schedule a call with an Account Manager

NOTE: There will be no change to your current billing structure when opting in to the upgrade. New pricing will take effect on February 25th, 2024.


2. Migrate Your Existing Website to The 321Go Project

If you would like to keep your current website, we can assist with ensuring you have a direct plan set up with 321Go before the new-year deadline. Note: pricing & subscription terms subject to change

3. Cancellation of Wodify Sites

If you would like to opt-out of Wodify Sites entirely, our team can assist with cancellation of your subscription in order for you to migrate to a 3rd party provider or self-built website. 

Please contact support@wodify.com for next steps if options 2 or 3 are selected.

What are the benefits of NEW Wodify Sites?

Designed to Grow your Business

  • Our team of in-house website experts have designed our entire new website offering with one goal in mind - help you capture more leads and convert them into paying clients.

Effortless Website Management

  • Effortlessly access and edit your website directly from Wodify Core.

Seamless Integration with Wodify Core:

  • Seamlessly integrate lead forms, WOD posts, class schedules, and more with custom Wodify widgets.

Professional and Mobile-Friendly Designs

  • Take advantage of customizable, mobile-responsive templates meticulously crafted for your industry.

Optimized for Search Engines (SEO)

  • Launch your site with a strong SEO foundation, and continue optimization efforts post-launch to enhance online visibility and search engine rankings.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

  • Maximize your website’s lead generation and conversion potential with expert-led conversion optimization strategies.

Continuous Performance Monitoring and Improvement

  • Make data-driven decisions and continuously refine your online presence with monthly performance reports and real-time analytics.

NEW Template Options & Pricing

Live Website Examples


  Monthly Subscription One-Time Build Fee ($149)
Promote $99/month (50% Off) Waived ($0)
Grow $199/month Waived ($0)
Engage $199/month Waived ($0)
Legacy $199/month Waived ($0)

 *please inquire for international rates

Ready to grow your business?

  1. Complete the Website Upgrade Opt-In Form
  2. Our in-house team will build a complete website preview. 
  3. Communicate your feedback directly to the Sites Team through your website preview. 
  4. Once you’re satisfied, the Sites Team will send your new website live.
  5. After launch, access your website through Wodify Core to add content and manage updates. 
  6. Use monthly performance reports to gauge your website’s success.

Still need assistance or have additional questions? Book a call with an Account Manager.


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