Introduction to Workflows

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If you're interested in gaining access to Wodify Workflows, please book a free setup call with our team! They'll guide you through the Workflows process and tailor automations to your specific needs.

Wodify Workflows is a tool that will streamline your processes, automate repetitive tasks, and unlock the full potential of your marketing automation efforts. Enhance engagement, drive growth, and reclaim your time!

  1. What is a Workflow?
  2. Navigating Workflows
  3. How Does it Help My Business?

What is a Workflow?

Workflows is Wodify's internal hub for software automation. Within Workflows, there is a Builder which creates a series of instructions called a Recipe. There are two major pieces to a recipe. The trigger and the actions that follow.

  • The trigger is what happens within Wodify that tells the recipe it should start.
  • The actions are what we want to happen within the recipe.


Example: When a new lead has been created, enroll them into the workflow and send an email welcoming them to your business as well as create a task for an admin to reach out to the new lead.


Navigating Workflows

Workflows is comprised of two main sections - the Builder and Email Templates. Both of these sections contain rich features that simplify your work day.



The Builder is where Workflows are installed and created. In this section, you can create custom workflows and install pre-built Wodify bundles.

Tip: For details on how to build your own custom Workflow recipes, check out our full article on The Workflow Builder!

Email Templates

When you install a pre-built Wodify bundle, all email templates used within the bundle are installed here. You can also create custom email templates to use within your workflows.

Tip: Looking for more details on building your own custom email templates? Check out this article on The Template Builder!




How Does it Help My Business?

Utilizing Workflows will help to automate administrative tasks in your business, leaving you time to focus on your clients and staff. Not only does this help you to maintain client engagement with less effort, it gives a personal touch that increases the likelihood of your leads converting into clients.

Tip- Here is a list of just some of the tasks that Workflows can take off of your plate:

  • Free Trial / Drop - In Reminders
  • Progressions advancement follow-ups
  • At-Risk Messaging
  • Appointment Follow-ups
  • Birthday and Anniversary greetings
  • Former Client Re-engagement

If you need any additional assistance with Workflows, feel free to reach out to us at


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