Building Custom Email Templates in Workflows

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Workflows Email Templates allow for you to create your own custom email templates to use within a workflow. In this article we'll cover

Navigating the Template Creation Screen

Our drag and drop email editor is a user-friendly interface that allows you to create and design emails by dragging and dropping various elements onto the template. Here is a handy visual guide for understanding each content function:


Interacting with Workflow Placeholders

Workflow placeholders are defined within the recipe as variables that will be replaced with actual values at runtime. These placeholders are enclosed within brackets. See the video below for more details.

  • Any placeholder tags used in a template matching the format [workflow-YOUR CUSTOM INPUT LABEL HERE] will appear as custom input fields within the builder.
  • You can use virtually anything as a placeholder.
    • For example: Add [workflow-Business Name] to the email template and see it show up as a field within the Recipe. You can then insert any data pill to this field and it will replace the placeholder with the data pill information when the email is sent.
  • Note: It is a requirement that there are no spaces before or after the "-" in [workflow-placeholder].



Saved Rows

You can utilize the Saved Rows feature in your Email Template Builder to build reusable chunks of content - This is a great way to add social media links, class offering lists, or your business's contact information to multiple templates.


Once you're happy with your saved row, adding them to a Template is easy!



  1. Navigate to the Rows tab
  2. Select Saved Rows in the dropdown just below the Rows tab
  3. Click and drag your saved row into your email template


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