What's New: December 15th, 2023


New! ๐Ÿš€

Core Updates

  • Free Trial Limits: Set a defined limit of free trial leads who can attend classes and appointments to strengthen the personalized experience for each client.

Free Trial Class Limit (1).png

  • Wodify Software Speed Improvements: We're implementing changes that will significantly reduce load times across Wodify Core & the Wodify Mobile App.
  • Easier Task Creation: When creating a task using shortcuts on a client or lead profile, the system will now automatically assign a person to the task.
  • Improved Lead Handling: The system will now automatically detect if a Drop-In has a lead profile. In such cases, the sign-in will be treated as a lead.

Mobile App Updates

  • SMS Push Notifications:ย Receive real-time updates and notifications from clients and leads via notifications, increasing communication visibility.


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