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What are the automated email options?


Admins and Managers can enable and update automatic email notifications that are sent to members and leads. Wodify provides email copy for you in each template, but feel free to update any template to fit your business.

Most automated emails can be found under Communication > Automated Email.

Below is a list of automated email options and a brief description of each:

Email Template Description When is the email sent to a member?
Anniversary send congratulatory emails based on X months since the member's start date 6am local time
Birthday Annual happy birthday wishes! 6am local time
Cash/Check Paying Members Notify cash/check paying members their bill is due soon Midnight local time
Class Cancelling Determine who receives class cancellation and reinstated notifications Instantly
Credit Card Expiring Optionally send 4 weeks before expiration and repeat weekly until card is updated Midnight local time
Emergency Contact Info Request missing information every week Midnight local time
Expiring Membership Plan Alert a member their membership is expiring Midnight local time
Expiring Session Plan Alert a member their session membership is expiring 4pm local time
Free Trial/Drop-in Alerts Set expectations for Free Trial and/or Drop-in athletes when they book a class Instantly
Lead Created from Web Form Send an email notification to new prospects immediately after the lead submits your contact form on your website Instantly
Missing Athlete Send an email if an athlete has not signed in to class in X days. Admins, Managers, Coaches, Suspended Athletes, and Athletes that are currently on hold are never sent this email. 4pm local time
New Athlete Follow-up Create up to 4 different emails to be sent to a new member based on first day or visit 4pm local time
New On-Ramp Follow-up Create up to 4 different emails to be sent to a new on-ramp member based on first day or visit 4pm local time
No Show Alerts Communicate 'No Show' policies when a member no shows a class About 1 hour after class
Payment Info Missing Alert member's without a stored payment method Midnight on Thursday's
Payment Messages Send alerts on successful transactions, failed payments, voids, and refunds. Instantly
Refer-a-Friend Let a member know a prospect referred them to your gym Instantly
Suspension Notices Inform your team who has been suspended from the gym Instantly
Welcome Email This is the first email sent to new members of your gym! Set expectations and get them excited (plus their Wodify account info too) Instantly


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