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How do I set up WodiFind for my locations?


WodiFind is a tool that allows Wodify athletes to find the nearest Wodify gym to their location.  This is a great tool for Wodify athletes that travel and want to find a gym nearby that also uses Wodify to track performance.

Some gyms have multiple locations. Each location can optionally be added to WodiFind.

To add or remove a location from WodiFind:

  1. Login to Wodify Core
  2. Click 'Gym' > 'Info & Locations'
  3. Select a Location
  4. Within 'WodiFind' choose 'Enable' > 'Save' or 'Edit' > 'Disable'

Location Custom Descriptions and Drop-In Fees

Each Location can have its own custom description and drop-in fees.  

TIP!: We recommend you list your hours of operation in your Description. Descriptions can be entered from the Location edit page.


Tip!: Use the 'Mobile Preview' link found below the Description box to see what your Location Detail page will look like on WodiFind.

Edit your WodiFind image


Each box can add its logo to WodiFind.  

To update your image:

  1. Login to Wodify Core
  2. Click the Gym > Info & Locations > click on appropriate location
  3. Update the image found under 'Application Images' section

We recommend using a square image at least 116x116 pixels.


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