Setting your Email Signature and the 'From Label'

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Each location in Wodify can create its own email signature and 'From label' to apply to each email sent to your clients.

Email Signatures allow you to add your own tagline, logos, or any other information you wish to each email sent to clients.

The 'Email From Label' lets you customize the 'From label' for each email sent from Wodify. By default, your 'From label' is "Wodify".

Creating your Email Signature and 'From Label'

  1. Go to Communication > Settings 
  2. Select the Email Signature Tab
  3. Choose your location, if applicable
  4. Under Email From Label Section update the From Label 
    • We suggest utilizing your Business Name2021-07-15_16-52-31.png
  5. Dynamic Fields are in place for the Email signature that pulls directly from your location's information within Account > Info & Locations.
    • We do not suggest making any changes to these fields.


More Information:

TIP: Wodify Blueprint Courses - Sending Emails to Your Clients, Advanced Email Communications

If you need any additional assistance with Setting up or Editing your Email Signaturefeel free to reach out to us at support@wodify.comor via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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