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How do I stop spam Leads?


The best way to stop spam leads from entering Wodify is to add a CAPTCHA to your web form.

To add CAPTCHA to your web form:

  1. Log in to Wodify Admin > 'People' > 'Settings' > 'Leads'
  2. From the 'Spam Protection' section you will have 3 options:
    • No Spam Protection: this will allow leads to submit the lead form without any CAPTCHA. This will leave your site susceptible to spam leads and inquiries
    • reCAPTCHA: if your lead form was created before the release of reCAPTCHA 2.0, your lead form will assume reCAPTCHA. This will provide a basic level of spam protection
    • reCAPTCHA 2.0 (recommended option):
  3. Select the link to 'Click here to register your domain with Google reCAPTCHA'
  4. Create a label (site name), your domain (, and the email address or addresses of the owners of the website.
  5. Once you are registered with Google reCAPTCHA, it will take you to the 'Add reCAPTCHA to your website' section
  6. Copy the site key and paste this information into the 'Site Key' field within Wodify
  7. Copy the secret key and paste this information into the 'Secret key' field within Wodify
  8. Click 'Save' 
  9. Generate a new lead form and select which fields you'd like to be mandatory or selected
  10. Click 'Generate' and copy the generated HTML code
  11. Paste the code onto a web page of your website
    • If you are using Wordpress: Log in to Wordpress, click 'Pages,' open the page you wish to paste your HTML code, paste your code into the 'Text' tab and click 'Update.'
  12. If your website settings has AJAX enabled, you will need to disable this code in your website settings for the reCAPTCHA to appear.


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