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How can athletes sign a waiver?


Admins are able to send waivers from several areas within the system and athletes are able to sign waivers from directly within Wodify, at their computer, or on their mobile device. 

Sign a waiver from the Coachboard

  1. When an athlete signs in to the Coachboard, they will have a red waiver icon on their profile if they have not yet signed the waiver for the program that they have signed into. 
  2. To send a waiver to this athlete, click on the red waiver icon, which will turn green after the waiver has been successfully sent. 
  3. If you want the athlete to sign the waiver on the spot, click the header waiver icon in the top right corner
    • Click 'Sign a Waiver'
    • Choose the waiver for which the athlete must sign and choose the athlete's name from the drop-down
    • If this is a lead or an active athlete any information they have stored within the system will auto-fill in the 'Personal Info' waiver page. 
  4. Have the athlete sign the waiver and click 'Complete.' 
  5. The waiver icon on the athlete's profile will no longer display. 

Admins and Managers can view, upload, and send waivers from directly within the athlete's profile

  1. Login to Wodify Admin > 'People' > 'Athletes'
  2. Select the athlete from the list and click into their profile
  3. Click the 'Documents' tab
  4. View and send any outstanding or missing waivers
  5. Upload any necessary waivers
  6. View, download, or print any signed waivers. 

Athletes can view and download waivers from directly within their profile 

  1. Click 'My Profile'
  2. Click 'Waivers'
  3. View and sign any outstanding waivers
  4. Download or print any signed waivers


NOTE: When an admin or manager sends a waiver to an athlete to be signed, the athlete may complete and sign the waiver directly from their phone or on their computer. 


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