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How do Drop-Ins sign waivers?


You can ensure that all drop-in athletes that sign in to the Coachboard will have to sign a waiver before completing their sign in.

  1. Login to Wodify > click Coachboard
  2. Click 'Drop In?'
  3. Enter the drop-in's Wodify user name and password if applicable, or, have the athlete enter their email address and gender.
  4. The drop in athlete will then have to fill out all sections of the waiver.
  5. Once the athlete signs the waiver and clicks 'Save' the drop in will be taken to the payment screen to complete the drop-in process.


NOTE: If the system recognizes the athlete's email address, it will bring up a list of athletes who have previously signed the drop in waiver with that email account and gender. The athlete can choose their name if it appears in the list and will not need to re-sign the waiver.


NOTE: Once this drop-in signs the waiver, their waiver will always remain in the 'Signed Waivers' tab.


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