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How do I handle waivers for minors?


When an existing athlete or trial lead fills out a waiver, their birth date will be filled in based on their date of birth in their profile. If this athlete is a minor, they will automatically be prompted to have a parent or guardian sign this waiver. The waiver will still include the athlete's information and will live in the athlete's profile. 

Once the athlete reaches their 'Age of Maturity,' which will be determined by the Admin or Manager when creating the waiver, the athlete will be prompted to re-sign the waiver and their previously signed waiver will be marked as 'Outdated.' Because this athlete is now an adult by law, they must re-sign this waiver and their parent or guardian signature will no longer be valid.


NOTE: The 'Age of Maturity' in the United States will always be defaulted to 18 years old.


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