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How can I control retail transaction fees?


Wodify's Minimum Cart Value (MCV) feature allows gyms to determine the lowest amount of a retail credit card or bank account transaction through the Point of Sale (POS) interface.

When enabled, coaches cannot complete purchases under the gym's predetermined MCV with athlete stored credit cards, bank accounts, or swiping a card.

To enable Minimum Cart Value:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Retail'> 'Settings'
  2. Under 'Minimum Cart Value' click to 'Enable'
  3. Enter your Minimum Cart Value and click 'Save'


IMPORTANT: Anonymous users can still complete purchases under your MCV. Wodify does not want to prevent a prospective client from purchasing product from your gym.


Store Credit & Minimum Cart Value

Athletes with a shopping cart that is less than MCV can easily purchase store credit at POS checkout.


Sam wants to purchase 1 FitAid with a retail price of $3. Your gym's MCV is $15. Sam does not have any store credit.

On POS Checkout, Sam's coach does not have the option to choose Sam's stored Visa card (the cart total is less than MCV). The coach can choose 'Cash' or 'Buy Store Credit' to complete the purchase. Sam does not have any cash on him, so he will need to purchase store credit.

Upon clicking 'Buy Store Credit', Sam has the option to purchase $15 or more in store credit (IMPORTANT: store credit counts as a transaction - the lowest amount of store credit that can be purchased from POS will equal your MCV). Sam chooses '$15' from his options and chooses his stored Visa to make payment.

Now that Sam has enough store credit, his coach can complete Sam's $3 purchase. Sam will have $12 in remaining credit towards his account.


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