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How do I split a payment?


If your athlete has purchased store credit, they are able to use this store credit toward membership sales and retail sales. If the athlete does not have enough store credit to cover their entire transaction, you will use the Split Payment feature. 


IMPORTANT!: Split payments will ALWAYS include Store Credit + some additional type of payment method.


In this example, John Denver has purchased $100 worth of store credit, and wants to use this store credit toward his $150 retail invoice. 

To complete the transaction:

  1. Click Pay Invoice
  2. The system will recognize if John has any available Store Credit to use toward this purchase
  3. Click 'Use Store Credit' enabled
  4. After all Store Credit has been used, you will be prompted to choose a second payment method to cover the remaining balance

  5. Once payment is complete, John will now have $0 Store Credit available



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