How do I manage class reservations and waitlists?



  • Only Admins and Managers can add reservations to classes in Wodify Core.
  • Admins, Managers, and Coaches can create reservations for other Clients on the Calendar tab on the Kiosk.

Add Reservation Limits to Classes

  1. Go to Wodify Core > 'Classes' > 'List' > 'Recurring' > choose your Recurring Class
  2. Determine Class Size Limit
    • Scroll down to the 'Classes' section in the template
    • Enter the 'Class Limit' for each day of the week the class is offered
    • Each day can have a different class size, Coach, and Assistant Coach
    • If a class should not have a Class Size Limit, enter 0 for Class Limit, 0 means no limit and no reservations
  3. Determine Reservations Hours
    • This value comes from 'Basic Details' under 'Classes' > 'Settings'
    • Optionally, override this value by editing the Reservation details on this individual class template
    • Here, you can also determine whether or not clients can sign-in from their mobile phone. By choosing "Clients can sign into a class within 24 hours of start time on the Coachboard only", you will be suspending their ability to sign in on their mobile device.
  4. Determine if the class should have a Waitlist
    • If a class is out of reservations, clients can join a waitlist. There are 2 waitlist options:
      • First client to reply gets added to the class: All clients who sign up for a full class are put on a waitlist. If a spot in the class opens, all the clients on the waitlist are all emailed and the first one to reply gets in to the class. 
      • Clients automatically added to the class in order they signed up: All clients who sign up for a full class are put on a waitlist in the order they signed up. If a spot in the class opens, the first client on the waitlist is automatically put in the class. 

TIPS!: Class Size Limits and Waitlist Options

  • Add Class Limits to Recurring Classes or Classes in order to limit the number of Clients that can make a reservation
  • Add Waitlists to Recurring Classes or Classes in order to allow clients without a reservation to a full class to receive email notifications if a reserved client cancels their reservation
  • Restrict the number of reservations clients may have for a single day by setting a Daily Reservation Limit. 
  • You can set Class Size Limits and Waitlist options by:
    • Edit Recurring Classes, through 'Classes' > 'List' > 'Recurring'
    • Edit an individual Class, through 'Classes' > 'List'


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