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How do I add a recurring class?

Wodify allows gym owners to create Classes and Recurring Classes. Classes are one-off, special classes that occur only one time. Recurring classes are the classes that are scheduled every day or week, such as a 6:30 Thursday class or 5:30pm Friday class. Only Admins and Managers can add a recurring class.  The following details how to create a recurring class in Wodify.

  1. Login to Wodify Admin
  2. Click 'Classes' > 'List'  >'Recurring' > 'New Recurring Class'
  3. Fill in class information
  4. Click 'Save'


Note: If you have created a recurring class with an end date of 'Forever,' you may be wondering how many future classes are visible to your athletes. For every new recurring class with an end date of 'forever', our system will:

  1. Generate 1 month of classes
  2. The following night, generate 2 additional months of classes.
  3. Every night moving forward, 1 new single class is created ahead of those 3 months


Important: For any new recurring class with a specific end date, we will generate all classes. However, there is one exception: We will never create more than 1 year/365 days of the classes at a time. 


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