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How do I navigate the Classes tab?



The Classes tab is divided into the below sections:

  • Calendar
  • List
  • Programs
  • Memberships
  • Settings


The Calendar section allows Admins & Managers to:

  • View the weekly schedule of Classes by program
  • View the coaching assignments for each Class
  • View the reservations for each Class
  • Print the weekly schedule in Calendar format
  • Edit individual Classes in the selected week


The List sections allow Admins to access Classes, which are special, unique workout sessions that do not occur regularly. As well as Recurring Classes, which are classes that repeatedly occur over time.The List section allows Admins & Managers to:

  • View all Classes & Recurring Classes
  • Search all Classes & Recurring Classes
  • Create custom searches on Classes & Recurring Classes
  • Create new Classes & Recurring Classes
  • Delete Classes & Recurring Classes
  • Export Classes & Recurring Classes to Excel


The Programs section allows Admins & Managers to:

  • View all Programs
  • Search all Programs
  • Create new Programs
  • Deactivate Programs
  • Choose which Programs publish externally


The Memberships section allows Admins & Managers to:

  • Access Membership Templates
  • Update Membership Templates
  • Create New Membership Templates
  • Delete Membership Templates


Allows Admins & Managers to:

  • Class Reservation Details
  • Late cancellation settings
  • Late cancellation email
  • No Show settings
  • No Show email
  • Public Calendar Iframe
  • Mass update member programs


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