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How do I program a WOD for Open Gym?


The Coachboard allows boxes to create an Open Gym WOD.  Athletes can sign in to the Coachboard for Open Gym WODs and add any result they completed to the Coachboard.

To create an Open Gym WOD:

  1. Log in to Wodify Admin
  2. Go to 'WOD' > 'List' > 'New WOD'
  3. Choose your WOD Date, Name, Location, and Program
  4. Click Save

Your athletes can now sign in to your Open Gym WOD from the Coachboard.  They can use the 'Add Performance' feature to add their results for the day.

To add performance results during an Open Gym WOD:

  1. Sign in to the Coachboard
  2. Click the 'Add Performance' link below your name
  3. Choose your Type and Component
  4. Add your result and comments


IMPORTANT!!:  These performances do not display on the Whiteboard.


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