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What are announcements?


Announcements are notifications attached to WODs.  Announcements can be displayed only at the kiosk or publicly on your website.  Announcements can be displayed over an infinite period of time or set to automatically expire.

Here's how an Announcement is displayed on a Full Screen WOD:


To create an Announcement:
  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Communication' > 'Announcements' > click on 'Add Announcement'
  2. Enter your message
    • Messages are displayed in Yellow at the top of each WOD
    • Announcements have a 1000 character limit
  3. Choose the date the Announcement will first display and its last date to display
  4. Determine if you want the Announcement to 'Publish Externally' (if you push WODs to your website)
  5. When checked, the announcement will publish with all related WODs to WordPress and via API

To deactivate an Announcement:

  • Go to Wodify Admin > 'Communication' > 'Announcements' > Choose your Announcement > click 'Deactivate'



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