How do I manage weightlifting?


WOD Components make up the parts of a WOD.  There are 7 WOD Components:

The following article explains what Weightlifting is and how to create them.
Weightlifting   In Wodify, Weightlifting:

  • Will have a result to be entered on the Coachboard
  • Will be displayed on the Whiteboard
  • Are tracked for PRs (personal records)
  • There are Wodify Global Weightlifting and affiliates can optionally create their own affiliate benchmark Weightlifting exercise

What's the difference between 'Rep Scheme' and 'Score'
  Each Weightlifting requires a Rep Scheme and a Score

  • Rep Scheme describes the total movement you wish each athlete to complete
    • Example: 1x6@60%, 1x5@65% Working set: 2x4@70%
    • This will display when athletes view the WOD
  • Score is the result you wish your athletes to record on the Coachboard
    • The Score for the above example is 2x4
    • The athletes can use the comment field to record the weight used for their other sets prior to the final working set.

TIP:! Athletes can edit the measure they performed on the Coachboard if for some reason they were not able to do what was programmed.

Creating a Weightlifting:
  There are 2 ways to create a Weightlifting:

  • Create the Weightlifting after adding the Weightlifting WOD component to the WOD
    1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'WOD' > 'List'
    2. 'New WOD'
    3. Enter Basic Details > Save
    4. Using the WOD Editor click the 'Create a Custom Component' drop down menu'
    5. Click 'New Weightlifting'
    6. Enter the 'Weightlifting Title', 'Details', 'Rep Scheme', and 'Score'
    7. Save
  • Create the Weightlifting through the 'Components' sections
    1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'WOD' > 'Components' > 'Weightlifting' > 'New Weightlifting'
    2. Enter the Name and a Description (if needed)
    3. Save

Deleting a Weightlifting:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'WOD' > 'Components' > 'Weightlifting'
  2. Filter Weightlifting
    • Ownership is 'Affiliate'
    • Add Filter
    • Change from 'Any' of the following to 'All' of the following
  3. Select the Weightlifting you wish to delete
  4. Click 'Delete'

Deleting a Weightlifting will not deactivate or delete any results your athletes may have with that Weightlifting.  It only prevents the Skill from being created on future WODs