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Whiteboard Privacy Settings (For Athletes)


Wodify allows each Athlete to control if their comments and birthday are displayed on the Whiteboard.  Athletes can also hide their comments, birthday, and picture from the Public Whiteboard.


How to update your Privacy Settings

To update your privacy settings from your PC/Mac:
  1. Log in to Wodify 
  2. Click 'My Profile' in the top right of the screen
  3. Click 'Privacy Settings' on the left sidebar

To update your privacy settings from your mobile device:
  1. Log in to Wodify
  2. Click 'Settings'
  3. Click 'Privacy Settings'

What do the settings mean?

Whiteboard: The Whiteboard displays all results from today's WOD.  Athletes can optionally choose to hide their performance comments and/or birthday
  • My Results (Always Public)
    • Your results are always displayed
  • My Comments (default)
    • Athletes can optionally add comments to each result from the Coachboard
    • Athletes can choose whether these comments are displayed on the Whiteboard or not
    • Each athlete can optionally hide or display comments related to specific results from the Coachboard
  • My Birthday
    • A birthday cake icon is displayed on your birthday
    • Your age is NEVER displayed

Public Whiteboard: Box owners can optionally display the Public Whiteboard on their website

  • My Comments, Birthday, and Picture
    • Hide my comments, birthday, and picture
    • Your name will be displayed as 'Private'
    • Your image will not be displayed
    • Your result will be displayed, but all personal details are hidden


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