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How do I set up SMS for Leads?


Note: This feature is available with our Promote subscription plan. Learn more about our pricing tier options.


SMS Messaging to Leads is a great way to market your gym to prospective athletes. Admins, Managers and Coaches can send a mass SMS message to each lead that has subscribed to their SMS feed. SMS Messaging to Leads is FREE - there are no additional costs to configure or send SMS messages to leads.

Prospective athletes can sign up for SMS Messaging by sending your customized subscribe keyword via SMS to 'CROSS' or '27677'. Prospects that subscribe to you via SMS are automatically created as Leads in Wodify.

Once you've created your Subscribe Keyword you can add your keyword to marketing materials, such as signage outside of the gym, advertisements, and your website. For example, if your Subscribe Keyword is 'XFIT', you should add the line 'Text XFIT to CROSS to learn more!' to your marketing materials.

Important: Wherever your Subscribe Keyword is advertised, you must include the details below to comply with the regulatory organizations that govern short code usage. Click here to learn more.

  • "Message and data rates may apply"
  • Link to Privacy Policy (
  • Link to Terms & Conditions (


To setup your SMS configuration:

  1. Go to Wodify Core > 'Communication' > 'Settings' > 'SMS Messaging'
  2. Enter your Subscribe Keyword
    • Your keyword must be unique across ALL Wodify clients
    • Best Practice: Make your keywords short and sweet - try not to use more than 5 characters
  3. Add your Subscribe Auto Response
    • This is the response automatically messaged back to leads once they subscribe
    • Optionally include a SMS Lead Form in your response that requests more info from the prospect
      • 'Name and 'Email' are always required on the SMS Lead Form
      • Gender, City, State, and Comments are optional fields
      • 'Phone' is always stored as the phone number the Lead used to subscribe
    • There is a 140 character limit if you include a SMS Lead Form link; 160 character limit if you do NOT include a link
    • Optionally add a 'Redirect URL after form is submitted' URL (we suggest a page on your gym website)
  4. Choose who should receive an email notification when a new SMS Lead is created in the SMS Lead Email Notification input box
  5. Subscribed Leads can unsubscribe by texting STOP or CANCEL to CROSS or 27677 - you can not edit or change this option
  6. Add your Unsubscribe Auto Response
    • This is the response automatically messaged back to leads once they unsubscribe
    • There is a 160 character limit - there is no option to include a link to a web form
  7. Click Save

Your SMS Messaging keyword is now active. Anyone who submits your keyword to CROSS or 27677 will be created as a Lead in Wodify and can be found under People > Leads.


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