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How do I count reservations against attendance limits?


Admins/Managers can optionally limit the number of reservations and sign-ins an athlete can make over a given period based on the athlete's membership.

 Sam can attend 3 classes per week.  Sam can only have a total of 3 sign-ins AND reservations at the same time.  So, he could have 3 reservations and 0 sign-ins, 2 reservations and 1 sign-in, etc.

To enable Count Reservations Against Attendance Limits:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Classes' > 'Settings' > 'Membership' > 'Membership Enforcement'
  2. Click 'Enable' to require active membership on class sign in and reservation
  3. Click Save


IMPORTANT: The Count Reservations Against Attendance Limits option is driven by your Membership Enforcement options.  Your Membership Enforcement options are to hide all message, display warning messages, or prevent athletes from attending classes over their limit.

Joining a Waitlist does not count against attendance limits. 


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