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Wodify includes the reports you need to operate your business. Listed below is each report with a general description of each, and how they can best be used.


Report Name




Athlete Trend

A list of athletes gained and lost based on their Wodify account status changes.

Athletes And Membership Details

Provides a list of all memberships associated with an athlete. For each membership it details the athlete's billing day, payment option, and how much their commitment/renewal total is worth.

Athletes By Membership Type

All memberships in your system currently assigned to athletes. Provides member specific details such as membership type, program, and start/expiration date. Can be used to identify your most popular membership types and memberships. Also provides pie charts to help visualize this breakdown.

Athletes By Payment Plan

Displays how many athletes are using each of your payment plans. This report can be filtered on a specific program and/or a specific payment plan. This report allows you to see your athletes' commitment total and renewal total in dollars for all of your programs and payment plans.

Athletes by Program

A list of all active athletes and their default Program.  Additional columns included in this report are an athlete’s membership location as well as  the membership’s start and expiration dates.  

Athletes Home Map

Allows you to generate a map specific to your gym based on your athletes' entered information. After entering your athlete's information on, you can create and save custom maps

Athletes With Expiring Memberships

All athletes who have a membership expiring and when it expires. Allows you to see whether their membership is set to auto-renew, along with the athlete's current status.

Athlete With Membership On Hold

All active athletes with current memberships on hold. Allows you to see how long these athletes have been on hold, when their hold ends, and the reason they have a hold. Can filter to show holds on a specific program, and holds that have already ended.

Athletes With Upcoming Birthdays

Want to send your athletes a birthday congratulations? This report filters all athletes with upcoming birthdays in a chosen time period, along with DOB, age, and contact info.

Athletes Without Memberships

All athletes that do not currently have an active membership. By default this report only displays active athletes without a membership. We recommend that all athletes have a membership assigned to them even if it has a 100% discount.

Athletes Without Payment Information

All active athletes who do not have a default payment method for their account. Provides athlete's contact information including email addresses and mobile phone numbers. We recommend that all athletes have a default payment method entered in their account.

Auto-Billing Payment Methods By Athlete

Breakdown of all auto-billing payment methods tied to active members. This report can be filtered by athlete, program, and payment type.

Leads with Referrals

From this report you can see all of your Leads alongside the referring athletes from your environment.  By default this report will show you Leads who attended this month, but this report can be filtered by date attended, Lead status, and to ‘Include No Attendance’.  

Lost Members

‘Lost Members’ will display all ‘Inactive’ athletes based on their account deactivation date or their scheduled “Stop Auto Renew and Deactivate” date.

Membership Renewal

All memberships that are currently set to auto-renew. This report shows the athlete membership along with the next billing date and the monthly renewal total.

Memberships With Discounts

Do you provide athlete's discounts? You can view which athletes currently receive a discount and what discount they receive. It also provides the athlete's total membership commitment total, renewal total, and the discount amount.

Members without Valid Mandate

European Affiliates Only: Mandates are required to be signed for recurring membership payments made for European affiliates.  This report will give you a complete list of all athletes who have not yet signed a valid mandate in order to authorize recurring payments.  

New Members

This report will give you a list of new additions to your gym designated by each athlete ‘Activated On’ date.  Results can be further filtered by the ‘Member Since’ field to determine what members became active in your gym and when.  Important:  This report goes by an athlete’s ‘Active On’ date meaning that a previously inactive athlete may appear in this report as a new member if their account had been reactivated during the given timeframe.

Referrals Report

All new athletes in a chosen amount of time and the referring athlete. You can search by either the new athlete or the referring athlete. This report can aid you if you provide referral incentives to your athletes.

Auto-Billing Payment Methods by Athlete

A list of all athletes who have a payment method added to their Wodify accounts and the kind of payment method it is - Credit Card, Bank Account, Cash, or Check.  The provided athlete list can be further broken down by the athlete’s default Program and by general Payment Type.



Athlete Attendance Trend

This report is most useful for gyms that have over 8 weeks of attendance data. It calculates an athlete's average attendance per week over the last 4 weeks, compares this attendance to the prior 4 weeks and determines whether the athlete's average attendance has increased, decreased, or remained constant. Displays athlete's average class attendance per week, the percent change in attendance, and charts to help visualize your gym's overall trend.

Athletes Last Attendance

All of your active athletes along with the number of weeks since they last attended a class. Also provides a history popup that displays the last time and date that the athlete attended a class.

Athlete No Shows

Shows all athletes that made a reservation and did not show up or cancel their reservation. Details the athlete and class name/date. You can sort by athlete, program, and date range and remove the No Show within the report if the athlete forgot to sign in.

Athletes With Session Membership

Do you have session membership plans? In this report, you can see all active athletes that currently have session memberships. Here you can see how many sessions an athlete purchased, how many have been used, and how many are remaining.

Cancelled Reservations

Lists all reservations that have been cancelled and violate your cancellation policy. The report details the athlete, class name/start time, and when the reservation was cancelled. You can filter by athlete, program, and date range. If the cancellation was accidental, you can remove it from the report.

Class Attendance Summary

Generates a graph that shows the average attendance per class per day. This graph can help you analyze your busiest times and days of the week along with where more/less coaches may be needed.

Current Athlete Reservations

Shows all reservations currently made within Wodify. This report details the athlete information, program, class, and date of each reservation.

Drop Ins

Displays a visual of how many drop-ins you have had by gym location and program over the past 6 months. Also displays how many drop-ins you have currently had this month. Allows you to filter by location and/or program.

Exceeded Attendance On Limited Contracts

Do you have limited attendance plans? This report allows you to see those athletes who have exceeded their weekly/monthly membership attendance. The helps you identify those athletes who may be interested in an increased membership plan. It can also help quantify any lost revenue due to a lack of membership enforcement policies.

Refused Logins

A list of refused attempts to sign into class on the Coachboard.  This applies to those tenants who utilize the ‘Membership Enforcement’ feature. (provide a link to Membership Enforcement here?)

Total Attendance History

Lists the name, location, and program of all classes attended by athletes over a selected amount of time. You can filter by location, program, date range, and individual athletes.



All Invoices

Allows you to view every invoice and detail related to the invoice. Also provides a sum total for all invoices to help you obtain information at a glance. This report filters based on the invoice due date, not the date of the transaction. For a summary of your income by date it was collected please refer to the Transaction History Report.

Overdue Accounts Receivable

Provides a list of all open invoices filtered by athlete and location. Also provides a sum total of the dollar value and due date of open invoices.

Looking to also track future revenue?  Click here for more information. 

Value Of Each Athlete

List of all athletes and their lifetime value to your gym, as well as the value in the last three months. Provides a popup of revenue breakdown for Revenue Categories.

Expiring Credit Cards

Shows all athletes with payment methods that are expiring in the upcoming months. Lists expiration date, payment method name, and whether or not it is the athlete's default payment.

Failed Payments

This report shows all payments that have failed to execute. You can see the athlete, invoice number, amount, date, and error text for each failed payment. This report also provides a total dollar value of your failed payments.

Unused Store Credit

Shows all athletes with any unused store credit and whether they are active or not.

Transaction History

A report that can be used to reconcile merchant service statements. Provides a list of all transactions that have occurred, the athlete charged, the payment method used, and whether the payment has settled or not. This report can be filtered by athlete or transaction date.

Monthly Revenue

Generates a chart displaying revenue by month and location. Provides a list/sum of monthly gross, refunded, and net revenue by location. Can be filtered by location and date range. This report filters based on the payment due date of the invoice, not the transaction date. For a summary of your income by the date it was collected please use the Transaction History report. Important: Store credit is shown on this report when it is redeemed, not when it is purchased

Tax Summary

Lists and sums monthly taxes. Breaks down membership, other, and total taxes by gym locations and month. Generates a chart of these taxes that can be filtered by date range and location.

Revenue By Revenue Category

Provides a list of all revenue by revenue category based on the due date of invoices (NOT date of transaction). Details the category, location, athlete, and net revenue of each line item. You can filter this report by product, location, and date range. Also shows you the total net revenue and quantity of line items. Tip: Exporting this report will show you the invoice details tied to each category.

Revenue By Membership

Lists all of your membership plans and their corresponding number of memberships and net revenue. Generates a chart of net revenue by membership based on location and date range filters.

Revenue By Staff

Shows you how many invoices were closed by each of your staff members at any/all of your gym locations and the total revenue of these invoices. This report generates a chart of revenue by staff based on staff member, location, and date range filters. Important: This report takes into account memberships added and retail products sold by a coach. This will only be accurate if each coach performs actions while signed in as themselves. If you use one account for all coaches to share this report will not be accurate.

Revenue By Product

Provides a list of all product sales over a chosen amount of time based on invoice due date (NOT date of transaction). Lists the location, type, units sold, and net revenue of each product. Also sums your net revenue for all products sold and generates a chart of gross revenue by product.

Daily Sales

Lists the number of invoices, net revenue, and total taxes per day by location. Also sums the total number of invoices, net revenue, and taxes based on location and date range filters. Date of sale is based on Invoice Due Date only.

Payroll Detail

Summary of payroll detail by pay period. Allows you to view classes, hours, extra earnings, no-shows, program, position, pay rate, and total pay for each staff member for each pay period.

Payroll Forecast

Forecasted payroll usage based on your environment’s future class schedule.

Payroll History

A complete list of historical payroll usage.

Revenue by Payment Method

A sum of collected revenue based on its corresponding payment method.  Important: This report will only display ‘Store Credit’ once it has been used.  

Tax Summary

Total sums of collected sales tax by each month.  

Daily Cash

A daily report of revenue collected as ‘Cash’ and ‘Check’, the salesperson who processed the transaction, and the amount collected.

Paying Members by Month

A month by month breakdown of how many athlete accounts in your environment are paying for their membership during a given month.  To see the complete list of what is included in this report and how it can be used please click here for additional information.  



Component's Last Use

Lists all WOD components and how many weeks it has been since each component has been used as a benchmark workout. Also shows the total number of times each component has been used, and provides a history popup of each date and WOD name the component was used in.

Performance Results: Gymnastics

Allows you to see all past performance for a specific gymnastic component. This report can be additionally filtered by athlete, program, date, and RX only.

Performance Results: Weightlifting

Allows you to see all past performance for a specific weightlifting component. This report can be additionally filtered by athlete, program, date, and RX only.

Performance Results: Metcons

Allows you to see all past performance for a specific metcon component. This report can be additionally filtered by athlete, program, date, and RX only.

Performance Results: Weightlifting Totals

Allows you to see all past performance for a specific weightlifting total component. This report can be additionally filtered by athlete, program, date, and RX only.

Performance Results: Personal Records

Allows you to see all PRs for a selected component type. This report can be additionally filtered by athlete, program, and date.


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