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How do Coaches manage their timecards?


Coaches and staff can be paid by class or by the hour.

If a coach is added to a class, the coach is required to sign-in to class from the Coaches Widget found on the Coachboard. Each coach assigned to a given class must sign-in to the class.

To sign-in to class from the Coaches Widget:

  1. Go to Wodify > Coachboard 
  2. Look for the 'Coaches' widget below the 'Sign In Athlete' button
  3. Coaches assigned to the class will be linked in the Coaches widget
  4. Coaches click their name and enter their password to sign in to class
  5. If a coach is on schedule but can not work the class the coach clicks the cancel icon next to their name
  6. If another coach works the class but is not assigned to the class, the coach can click 'Add Another Coach', choose their name, position, and enter their password. The coach is now signed in to the class and will be paid accordingly.

Staff assigned to positions that are not meant to be assigned to classes and paid by "Hourly Only" can add hours to their timesheet using the 'My Payroll'. 'My Payroll' can be found on the web or mobile apps under 'My Profile.'


Note: Coaches assigned to classes do NOT have the ability to add their own hours or extra hours via My Payroll. This can be done from Wodify admin only via Payroll > Process Payroll. This requires at least manager permissions to complete this step.


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    Damien Madison

    My coaches are not able to sign in by clicking on their name. They have to sign in as add a coach then is works. Why?

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