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How do I link items from my Online Sales Portal to my website?


You are able to share individual links to payment plans that you sell online on your Online Sales portal. These links can be embedded directly on your gym's website, and can also be used in emails and on Facebook.

 To use these permalinks:

  1. Go to Wodify Core > 'Gym' > 'Sales Portal'
  2. Click 'Edit' next to the Membership Template to view the payment plans that are associated with this template
  3. You will see a permalink icon next to those payment plans that are available on your Online Sales portal
  4. Click on the link to copy that individual payment plans' permalink
  5. Open a new browser and paste this URL into a new browser, you will notice it directs you to that specific payment plan

These individual URLs will allow you to direct athletes and prospective athletes to individual payment plans on your online sales portal.


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