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How do I add a Membership to an Athlete?


Memberships are added to Athlete profiles in order to track billing and attendance limits. Membership templates must first be created before a membership can be added to an Athlete. Click here to learn how to create membership templates.

To add a membership to an Athlete:

  1. In Wodify Core, go to People > Athletes and click your Athlete's name
  2. Once in the athlete profile, click + New Membership under the 'Memberships' section
  3. Select your membership from the list
    • If you are adding the membership exactly as it was built in the membership template (no discounts or customization), use the 'Quick Add' section
    • If you would like to add a discount or other customization to the membership, click 'Customize' and follow the membership wizard to create your membership
  4. Enter the specific details of the membership
  5. Click 'Save'

To track which athletes do not have a membership associated with their profile, go to Reporting > Athletes > Athletes Without Memberships. 


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