Adjusting an Existing Membership



If you're looking to adjust a client's existing membership before it renews, you are able to generate their next membership within just a few clicks.


To Generate the Next Membership:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > People > Clients
  2. Click into the Client's Profile
  3. Within Membership & Payments tab > click on the client's active membership 
  4. Click Actions drop-down menu > select Generate Next Membership
  5. Right away, you will see the client's future membership and invoice have generated which mean you are now able to:
    • Click into the future invoice number to add any discounts, line items, etc.
    • Click into the future membership name to make any adjustments to the start, price, etc. 



NOTE: If this is an auto-renewing Session membership you will need to choose a start date of this next punch card plan. Monthly plans will automatically assume the next month's bill date.  



More Information:

Tip: Wodify Blueprint Course: Create your Memberships

If you need any additional assistance with setting up Adjusting an Existing Membership, feel free to reach out to us at


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