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What is the Membership billing cycle?


The following article explains what the member billing cycle is and how invoices are processed.

 Below are the steps required to begin billing members with Wodify:

  1. Set up your Merchant account
  2. Set up Billing Configuration and Invoice Configuration
  3. Set up Discounts and Tax Rates
  4. Create Membership Templates
  5. Create your picklist values
  6. Add Membership to Athletes
  7. Add Payment Methods to Athletes

Invoices are scheduled to run based on your 'Membership Invoice Date.'  This can be selected by going to Wodify Core > Financial > Settings > Invoice Configuration tab > Member Invoice Date.

Gym's can choose the following due dates for each membership invoice:

  • 1st day of the month
  • 15th of the month
  • Last day of the month
  • Membership start date


TIP: If the gyms default billing day is set to either the 1st, 15th or last day of the month Wodify will prorate the first payment automatically regardless of when the athlete signs up.

Wodify will look for any open invoices that are scheduled for processing each night.  When complete, an email notification will be sent to the Affiliate Billing Contact that lists all invoices that successfully ran and those that had an error.  Open invoices with an error will process each night until it successfully closes.

After an invoice is closed, Wodify will look to the Athlete's membership to determine if the plan is scheduled for auto renewal.  If the membership is set to auto renew, a new invoice is created and the expiration date on the Athlete's membership is updated. If the membership is not set to auto renew, a new invoice is not created.  The renewal invoice will automatically be processed when it is created.


IMPORTANT: Memberships set to auto renew will continue until an admin manually ends the process by clicking the 'Stop Auto Renew' button on the athlete's membership.


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