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How can I accept partial payments?


There is no "partially paid" invoice status in Wodify, and all invoices must be paid completely. If you have an athlete that is paying in smaller installments or not paying the full amount of their membership, two invoices will need to be created. 

Once a membership has been assigned to an athlete, an invoice will automatically be created for that amount. In this example, the athletes monthly membership fee is $150, but you are allowing them to pay in two, smaller installments. 

To create two separate invoices:

  1. Click into the original, $150 invoice
  2. Click into the invoice line item 

  3. Manually adjust the "Sale Price" field to reflect the amount that your athlete has paid

  4. Click Save
  5. Under 'Financial' click 'Invoices' on the left
  6. Click 'New invoice'
  7. Select the athlete's name from the drop down menu
  8. Select the 'Payment Due Date' for the next payment installment
  9. Select the 'Location of Sale' > Save
  10. Under 'Actions' Choose 'Add Line Item'
  11. Fill in the appropriate Sale price and information in the popup window.
  12. Save


IMPORTANT!: Manually created invoices will not run on the nightly billing timer. These invoices will need to be 'Paid' manually on the due date by either an Admin or Manager.


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