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I have two locations and want my membership fees distributed into two bank accounts - How do I do this?


If you have two locations set up in one Wodify environment, you are able to establish multiple merchant gateways so that your membership fees and revenue is distributed into separate bank accounts. This will allow you to keep your financials for various locations separate. 

If you went live with Wodify before 4/2/2014, please contact directly so that we may walk through this process with you. 

To establish this second Gateway: 

  1. Login to Wodify admin > 'Financial' > 'Settings' 
  2. If you are in the USA click 'GoEmerchant Gateway,' if you are an International gym click 'Optimal Gateway,'  'Bambora Gateway' or 'Ezidebit Gateway.'
  3. Click 'New Configuration.' 

  4. Name this new Gateway so that it is specific to the location from which the funds will be collected. 
  5. Enter the necessary Gateway information and choose a Location. 

Each location may only be associated with one Gateway. For example, if I have Location 1 and Location 2, the membership funds and revenue from Location 1 can only be distributed to one Gateway. Revenue from Location 1 and Location 2 CAN be distributed to the same Gateway. 

An athlete's Gateway will be determined by their default location in the Athlete's Profile under 'Athlete's Membership Info.' This information may only be updated by an Admin or Manager . For example, if my athlete mainly attends Location 1 and pays their membership fee to Location 1, their default location will be set to Location 1. 


NOTE: If my default location is Location 1 and my stored payment method is at Location 1, I will NOT be able to use my stored payment method at Location 2. 


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