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Can I import payment information?


If you are migrating to Wodify from a different merchant services provider you may optionally import your existing credit card data into Wodify. Transferring credit card data is a very sensitive and potentially complicated operation (as you can imagine), but it is possible. Follow the steps below in order to export your existing members' credit cards and bank information:

  1. Request a secure export of your existing data from your current provider
    • Most merchant service providers will charge a fee (up to $600) for you to export credit card and bank information from their database. To be clear, this charge is made by your current merchant service provider - not Wodify. Just think of it as one last fee before you're out the door.
    • Send an email to your current merchant service provider stating you are authorizing Wodify to handle the file on your behalf. Make sure you copy your Wodify Onboarder on the email.
  2. Receive authorized consent from your merchant services provider - your onboarder will then be able to facilitate the import of your data in Wodify
  3. Once the payment information import is complete,  you will want to verify that the imported payment methods are correct

If you choose not to import your existing credit cards and bank information into Wodify your members will be able to enter their own payment method into Wodify.


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