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How do I add/update a payment method to my profile?


Athletes are able to add their default payment method or edit their existing payment method on file from within their individual athlete profile. 

To add a payment method:

  1. Go to My Profile > Payment Info > Add Payment Method
  2. Enter your payment method details
  3. Save

Wodify does not store full credit card or bank account information within Wodify. For this reason you must first add a new payment method before removing your existing payment method on file. 

To update your payment method (if you are not in Australia or New Zealand): 

Legally Wodify can not store your credit card in Wodify's database, so all payment method information goes straight to our merchant services provider.  That means you can not update your existing payment method (since we do not have access to it), but you can add a new payment method and then delete the old one.

  1. Create a new payment method
  2. Make the payment method your default payment method (default means it's the one your box will use to pay for your monthly membership)
  3. Delete your old payment method

If you are in Australia or New Zealand:

You can update your payment method from a PC/Mac or mobile device!

From a PC/Mac, go to Wodify > My Profile > Payment Info > Select the payment method.

From the mobile app go to Settings > Payment Info > Select the payment method.
  1. Go to My Profile > Payment Info > Add Payment Method
  2. Once this payment method is added click 'Make Default'
  3. You will then have the option to remove your original payment method on file, and this new payment method will be your default. 


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