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Permissions for Admins, Managers, Coaches, Staff, and Athletes



There are 5 different roles in Wodify that grant various levels of access to your team. Below is a quick summary of each followed by a detailed breakdown of the different features that each role has access to.

Athlete - The most restricted role, ideal for your clients.

Staff -This role is ideal for people who do not need special access to Wodify Core, but who you do want to calculate Payroll for. (e.g. cleaning staff, interns) Click here to learn more.

Coach - Ideal role for your coaching staff, with access to classes, leads, and athletes.

Manager - This role grants more access than the coach role in managing transactions, managing coaching scheduling, membership changes, and communications. Ideal for your general manager(s).

Admin - Full access to all of Wodify Core. This role is reserved for business owners and general managers who will have full access to making changes and seeing financial info in Wodify. Most revenue/financial reports are strictly available to Admins


  Admin Manager Coach Staff Athlete
Enter performance results X X X X X
Like/Comment on results X X X X X
View personal performance history X X X X X
View other athlete's performance history X X X    
Sign in all athletes from Coachboard X X X    
Sign in themselves from the Coachboard X X X X X
Create and Review Journals  X X X X X
View Video Library X X X X X
View Leaderboards X X X X X
Manage WODs X X X    
Manage Components, sections, and Benchmarks X X X    

Manage Programs, Recurring Classes, and Classes

X X X1    

Create new classes

X X      
Create Leads X X X    
Disposition Leads X X X    
Export Leads to Excel X X  X    
Convert Leads to Athletes X X X    
Create and Deactivate Athletes X X X    
Suspend/Reinstate Athletes X X X    
Create Athlete Memberships X X X    
Deactivate Memberships X X      
Manage Membership Discounts, Holds, and Stops X X      
Manage Athlete Payment Methods X X X    
Add Activity, Emails, Notes, and Attachments X X X    
Manage Athlete Relationships X X  X    

Manage Athlete Reservations

X X  X    

Manage Athlete Roles & Permissions

X X      
Manage Membership Templates X X      
Manage Drop-In Configuration X X      
Update personal information X X X X X
Update other athlete's personal information X X X    
Manage SMS for Leads and Athletes X X X    
Sync Google Calendar X X X    
View Appointment Calendar X X X    
Manage Services and Memberships X X      
Reserve and Sign into an appointment for an athlete X X X    
Configure Appointment Settings X X      
Assign memberships to athletes' profiles X X X    
Create and manage announcements X X X    
Send a Mass Email X X X    
Send a Conversation Email X X X    
Send an SMS X X X    
Manage Automated Emails X X      
Adjust Email settings X X      
Create and manage Waivers templates X X      
Create and manage Contracts templates X X      
Email or upload Waiver for Athlete X X X    
Sign a personal Waiver or Contract X X X X  
Collect Payment on Invoices X X2      
Refund Payments X X      
Cancel Transactions X X      
Purchase Store Credit for Athletes X X      
Manage Invoice Configuration X X      
Manage Merchant Configuration X X      
Manage Discounts and Tax Rates X X      
View Wodify Billing X X      
View List of All Invoices X        
Setup Payroll X X      
Process Payroll X X      
My Payroll X X X X  
Manage Products and Inventory X X      
Complete Transactions in Wodify POS X X X    
Return and Refund Items in Wodify POS X X      
Access to Wodify POS from mobile app X X X    
REPORTS, DASHBOARDS, & Gym Info          
Access to Athlete Reports X X Some3    
Access to Attendance Reports X X X    
Access to Financial Reports X Some4      
Access to Performance Reports X X X    
Access to Insights X Some5 Some6    
Access to Gym tab X X      



  • Coaches cannot add to or change the coaching assignments of classes
  • Coaches do not have access to reports displaying financial data or a member's home address
  • Coaches only have access to the Attendance, Clients, and Leads Insights dashboards

  • Managers are not able to process cash payments unless it is set as the athlete's default
  • Managers do not have access to revenue reports but do have access to financial reports about failed payments, store credit, and daily cash reporting
  • Managers only have access to the Attendance, Clients, and Leads Insights dashboards


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