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What does an Athlete's 'Billing Location' do?


The athletes billing location is determined by their default location set in 'People' > 'Athletes' > 'Athletes Membership Info' If you have multiple locations and multiple Merchant Service Gateways, the athletes' default billing location will determine the Merchant Service Gateway and bank account to which their membership fees are distributed. 


This default billing location will also affect retail and Point of Sale transactions, as an athletes stored payment method will only be associated with their default location. 


Important: You will NOT be able to run a transaction against an athletes stored payment method at a location that is not set as their default location. 


The athletes billing location will also affect the default location shown on the:

  • WODs tab
  • Whiteboard
  • Coachboard


To update an athlete's default billing location: 

  1. Click 'People' > 'Athletes'
  2. Search for the athlete's name for whom you would like to update
  3. Click into the athlete's profile
  4. Under 'Athletes Membership Info' click on the drop down titled 'Location' to update their default billing location
  5. Save


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