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How do I use Credit Card Swipers with Wodify?


You can use credit card swipers connected to your computer via USB and to your mobile device, to accept payments through Wodify, including - drop-in payments, retail, and Point of Sale transactions.


There's no extra installation or setup process needed to use a USB or Mobile swiper with Wodify.


Note: At this time, Wodify Payments customers are not able to use USB or Mobile Swipers.

USB Swiper

  • The USB swiper will connect directly to the USB output on your computer and can be connected directly at the kiosk to run drop-in payments and Point of Sale transactions. 
  • We recommend using the USB swiper at this link, but you should be able to use any third-party USB swiper

Mobile Swiper

  • The mobile swiper will connect directly to the headphone outlet on your iPhone, iPad, or Android, and can only be used when using the Wodify Core and Point of Sale apps downloaded from the app store or Google Play store. 
  • The mobile swiper can be used to run retail and Point of Sale transactions
  • The specific version of mobile swiper needed for Wodify can be purchased here.



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