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How do I configure Drop-Ins?


Before charging drop-in athletes on the Coachboard, you will have to set up your Drop-in configuration from the Membership tab. 

To Setup Drop-In payments:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Classes' > 'Pricing' > 'Sessions'
  2. Click on the 'Drop-in' option
  3. Under 'Payment Methods' choose 'Enable Drop-In Payments on Coachboard'
  4. Verify your accepted forms of payments for Drop-ins
  5. Under 'Fees' choose your tax rate
  6. Enter your Non-Wodify Athlete Drop-In Fees (athletes without a Wodify account at other gyms)
  7. Enter your Wodify Athlete Drop-In Fees (athletes with a Wodify account at another gym. We suggest a 25% discount for these athletes)
  8. Save changes


TIP: If you at any point will waive a drop-in fee, check the 'No-Charge available on Coachboard' option ON.


IMPORTANT: In order to swipe Credit Card payments from drop-in athletes, you must have a USB Credit Card Swiper which can be purchased through, as well as a Retail / RealTime account established with your Merchant.


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