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How do I configure Drop-Ins?


Before you are able to start charging drop-in athletes on the Coachboard or configure your schedule on the Online Sales Portal, you will need to set up your Drop-in fee:

To Setup Drop-In Payments:

  1. Select Classes
  2. Select Memberships
  3. Select Session Templates tab
  4. Select the Drop-In Option
  5. You will need to Enable Drop-In Payments on the Coachboard to accept payment in person from a Drop-In
    • You can also toggle No Charge Available on the Coachboard if you want Coaches to waive the Drop-In for visitors at their discretion.
  6. Adjust the Fees associated with a Drop-In Session
    • You can also offer a specialized rate for Athletes who are current members at another Wodify gym - or keep these two rates the same.
  7. Adjust the Email Templates as you see fit
  8. Save

If you'd like to offer Drop-In Reservations & Payment on your Online Sales Portal:

  1. Select Gym
  2. Select Sales Portal
  3. Select Edit next to the Drop-In Option
  4. Select the Programs Associated with Drop-In Availability
  5. Adjust the Classes Available to Drop-In Reservations
  6. You do have one additional option to allow an Athlete to select that they will Pay Later at the Gym
    • It is good to note that we do not recommend this option as they will be reserved for the class without payment information yet on file for their class booking.
  7. Save

TIP: In order to swipe Credit Card payments from drop-in athletes on the Wodify Kiosk, you must have a USB Credit Card SwiperWe recommend using the USB swiper at this link, but you should be able to use any third-party USB swiper.


NOTE: The Online Sales Portal is a feature that is included within our Grow + Promote Packages. 
To gain access to this feature, visit💰 or reach out to us at so we can get you upgraded.


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