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How do I mass email leads?


Admins and Managers can send mass email messages to their leads within Wodify.

To send Mass Email to Leads:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Communication' > 'Email' > 'Leads'
  2. Click 'New Email'
  3. Choose which leads should receive the email based on the lead status
  4. Enter your email subject and details
  5. Add any images to the body of the email by clicking on the image icon (mountains and sunset portrait) on the email editor  
  6. Determine when to send your email
    • 'Send Now' will send the email within the next 15 minutes
    • 'Send Later' will send the email at your selected date/time. You can edit an email that is 'Scheduled' for later
  7. Click 'Send Now/Save'

All mass email messages are logged as activity on the Lead's activity history.


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