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How do I attach a file to an athlete's profile?


Wodify allows many types of attachments, including Microsoft Office documents, media files, and PDFs, to be added to Leads and Athletes.

To add an attachment to a Lead or Athlete:

  1. Login to Wodify Admin
  2. Click 'People' choose 'Leads' or 'Athletes', as appropriate
  3. Find the lead/athlete you wish to add an attachment and open the record
  4. Click on 'Documents'
  5. Click 'Upload Attachment'
  6. Choose the file from your PC/Mac and click 'Upload'


IMPORTANT!:  All attachments are transferred when a Lead is converted to an Athlete.


TIPS!: Attachments can also be added when adding a note or logging activity. To learn how to add a note or log activity click here.


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