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This article will help you understand the overall functionality of the Coachboard.


In this article, we will cover:


Coachboard Settings 

  1. To access your Coachboard click the nine dots icon in the lower left-hand corner of your Wodify admin account, then click on Kiosk.
  2. Your Kiosk will default to the Coachboad tab, but if you ever need to get back to the Coachboard tab, simply click on Coachboard.
  3. Click on the Settings dropdown to adjust the Program, Date, and Location you are seeing on the Coachboard.mceclip0.png
  4. Please note your Coachboard will default to the default program that is set up in your admin profile. To edit this you can navigate to your profile via People > Clients > Your Admin Profile > Profile.
  5. If there are classes available that match the program and date settings, a Class dropdown menu will appear in the Coachboard, and you can select which class you wish to view. Make sure you change the class you are having clients sign into throughout the day, so clients are not signing into the wrong class. This will not automatically change classes for you when a class ends.mceclip1.png


Signing in Clients and Leads

You will have the option to have clients and leads (Trial Status only - Lead Status) sign themselves via the Coachboard or restrict this sign-in access to only coaches, managers, and admins. You check out our Client Sign-In Settings article for more details. 

  1. To put the Coachboard in Kiosk mode and prevent clients from accessing other Wodify features, other than signing in, you can click on the screen icon in the top right corner of the Kiosk. mceclip2.png
  2. Clients/Leads or coaches, managers, and admin can then find their own name/the client's name from the client dropdown. Once the client/lead is selected, click the Sign-In Athlete button. mceclip3.png
  3. The client will then be signed into the class and appear on the Coachboard.mceclip4.png
  4. Alternatively, you can sign your clients in via the Reservations dropdown. Simply click on a clients' name from the list to sign them in. This dropdown will capture all clients who have reserved a spot in your class via our app. mceclip5.png
  5. They will then be signed into the class on the Coachboard and their reservation will be tagged with an S for Signed-In instead of an R for Reserved
  6. To remove an client's sign-in from a class simply click the in the lower right corner of the sign-in. mceclip6.png


Signing in Drop-Ins 

You also have the ability to sign in drop-ins via the Coachboard. You can sign in drop-ins who have an existing Wodify account and those who do not have an existing Wodify account.  

  1. To sign in either type of drop-in, you will need to click on the Drop In? button. mceclip7.png
  2. If an client has existing credentials at your or any other Wodify-powered business, they can log into their Wodify account and click Sign In.mceclip1.png
  3. If an client is dropping in without an existing Wodify account, they will need to fill out their email and gender and then click Sign In. mceclip8.png
  4. If you have a waiver associated with the class these clients are trying to drop into, they will need to fill it out before they can proceed, regardless of whether they have an existing Wodify account or not.mceclip9.png
  5. Once completed, these drop-ins will appear signed-in with your signed-in clients. It is important to note that only drop-ins with existing Wodify accounts will be able to add performance in this class to their performance history. 
  6. If you collect a drop-in fee for your drop-ins, this can be collected via the Coachboard and a window asking for payment information to pay the fee will appear after a waiver has been signed by the drop-in. 


Viewing and Adding Performance History 

Each class in your Coachboard will be associated with a program at your business. This program can have a Workout that your clients can score against. Clients will also be able to view their past performance history for components within the Workout. 

  1. A client can click on the graph icon to see past performance history, including any PRs, a weight percentage chart based on 1 rep max, as well as any previous logged results. mceclip10.png
  2.  Clients can log their scores by clicking into the component and adding their scores. In this example, the sets and reps are preset based on how the Workout was programmed, and all the client has to do is add the weight they lifted.mceclip11.png
  3. The client can then add any comments about their performance, lock their comment by clicking the lock icon if they don't want the comment to appear on the whiteboard, and click Save. mceclip12.png
  4. If a client hits a PR, a gold star will appear next to the logged result.mceclip13.png
  5. It is also important to note that an client can click on the Rx button to ensure that they are documenting that they did the component as prescribed.mceclip14.png


More Information:

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