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How do I navigate the Whiteboard?



The Whiteboard displays all results from the day's WOD.  The Whiteboard is divided into the below sections:
  • All-Time Leaderboard
  • Results View
  • Auto-Scroll Page
  • Components
  • Settings
  • WOD
All-Time Leaderboard
The All-Time Leaderboard displays the top results ever recorded by active athletes in your gym.
  • The top 3 results for both Males and Females are displayed
  • Only RX results are included on the All-Time Leaderboard
  • Each athlete is only displayed once per movement
  • An All-Time Leaderboard is not displayed for non-benchmark metcons
Results View
The Results View displays the results for all Athletes for the day's WOD.
  • Male results are displayed on the left, Female's to the right
  • Personal Records (PR) are displayed with the gold PR badge
  • If the day is an Athlete's birthday, a birthday icon will display
  • Public Comments are displayed
  • Each athlete controls what is displayed on the Whiteboard and Public Whiteboard

Auto-Scroll Page
The Auto-Scroll Page option will scroll the page from top to bottom.  This is a good option if you have a kiosk screen solely dedicated to the Whiteboard or on the Public Whiteboard on your website.
Components are the movements that make up the WOD.  Components are located on the left sidebar.  Only movements that require a result to be entered are displayed.  Selecting a Component will sort the Results View by:
  • RX+ Results (ordered by best scores)
  • RX Results (ordered by best scores)
  • Scaled Results (ordered by best scores)
Optionally filter by RX+ only, RX only, or RX+ and RX only.  Click the RX+ and RX buttons on the selected component to apply the filter.

The Settings dropdown on the left sidebar controls which WOD is displayed on the Whiteboard.  Viewers of the Whiteboard can optionally filter by Location, Program, Date, Class, or Age Group.

The WOD dropdown displays the entire WOD for the selected date.

Tips & Tricks

  • Athletes, Coaches, and Admins all have access to the Whiteboard
  • Each gym can optionally display their Whiteboard by a public weblink.  The option is available under Setup > Affiliate Info > Web Integration > Enable Public Whiteboard. A public web link is displayed after selecting the checkbox.  You can then insert the  link onto any page of your website
  • Athletes can apply privacy settings for the Whiteboard and the Public Whiteboard
  • The Whiteboard is available via mobile device



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