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This article will help you understand how to view and use your business' Whiteboard.


In this article, we will cover:


Configuring your Whiteboard Settings

Your business' whiteboard will be populated based on scores entered via the Coachboard. If you have questions about entering scores via the Coachboard, please check out Using the Coachboard.

  1. To use the Whiteboard please make sure you are in the Wodify Kiosk. This can be located by clicking on the nine dots icon at the bottom left corner of your Wodify admin screen and clicking Kiosk.

  2. You can use the Settings menu in the left sidebar to select the Program, Date, Class, and Age Range you wish to display on the Whiteboard. 


  3. You can also choose which of the components from your Workout you wish to see displayed on the Whiteboard.

  4. You can all toggle between displaying results divided by gender, or displaying all clients together.

  5. You also have the option to auto-scroll your Whiteboard by checking the auto-scroll box. This feature is useful if you have a dedicated screen for your Whiteboard.


Whiteboard Display 

  1. Any component for which a client has a PR will be displayed with a gold star.

  2. Any benchmark component will be sorted by Rx+ (best scores), then Rx (best scores), and finally scaled (best scores). You can filter by Rx+, Rx, or both Rx+ and Rx by clicking on the Rx+ and Rx button to the right of a component.

  3. Any workout comments that are not locked by a client will also appear on the whiteboard. To determine how to lock workout comments, please check out Using the Coachboard

  4. Public comments and likes from other clients will appear here as well. 



Whiteboard Public Link

For more information about how to enable your public whiteboard and add it to your website, please check out How do I add my public Whiteboard to my website?



More Information:

TIP: Wodify Blueprint Course - Getting Started with Wodify Perform

If you need any additional assistance with Using the Whiteboard, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only). 


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