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Beta UI

  • Gym > Locations, Account Info, & Standards/Formats pages
  • Financial > Create/Edit Invoice page
  • Google Autocomplete on Payment Method Add/Edit
  • Ability to download Wodify Billing Statement
  • Sign Waiver & Sign Contract Wizards
  • Icon indicating a note exists added to Athlete & Lead list views on mobile
  • Upgrades to Athlete > Add Note page


  • Timeouts on WOD Builder page have been fixed
  • Class schedule will account for your timezone
  • Saving and overwriting an existing Filter Tab now preserves their order
  • Filter Tabs now appearing the first time you load the page on mobile
  • Bulk select feature shows the correct number of records when you select all
  • Preview WOD now working on mobile
  • Canadian province dropdown will no longer prevent you from adding a new payment method


  • Backend changes in the works for multiple payment methods by location for tenant
  • Database optimizations that will increase performance


  • The class cancellation time window will now be applied when saving new recurring classes
  • Timeouts occurring while viewing some reports have been resolved


  • Avatar
    Malorie Gibson

    this multiple location feature has us getting "unable to charge athletes from this location" we only have one damn location.

  • Avatar
    Elli Rego

    Hi Malorie, sorry to hear that. Please submit a ticket with this information and our support team will help you sort this out.

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