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Beta UI

  • Filter Tab options load collapsed on mobile
  • Upgraded the WOD Component Edit page
  • Added a filter to Athlete & Lead list views for if note exists


  • Google Maps Autocomplete will now display the correct city
  • Misplaced columns for waivers on User Edit have been fixed
  • Action sheets on mobile will now show all buttons


  • Prompt added to warn user when adding a membership to an athlete whose membership was set to stop auto-renew and deactivate
  • Session plan's expiration dates can now be edited
  • Reservation windows will stay open if there are existing reservations for that class
  • Attachments on Athlete & Lead Edit will now work properly


  • When you transfer class reservations, you'll no longer see a confusing message that no reservations were unable to transfer if all transferred successfully
  • Athletes' payment info will now be saved in the Online Sales Portal


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