How do I edit the welcome email?


The 'Welcome Email' is the email introduction of Wodify to your Athletes.  Wodify provides the email template for you, but you are free to change it to whatever you wish. 

To update the Welcome Email:

  1. Login to Wodify Admin 'Communication' > 'Settings' > 'Automated Email'
  2. Scroll to the 'Welcome Email' > click 'Edit'
  3. After you make your changes, click 'Save'

Add Attachment to Welcome Email:

Attachments can be added to the Welcome Email by going to the Welcome Email and under 'Add Attachment' click 'Upload'

Dynamic Fields

You can use dynamic fields to automatically fill in up-to-date information in your emails. The following tags can be used:

  • For Gym Info: (this information loaded by these tags can be changed in the fields above on this page.)
    • [boxname] - Your boxes name
    • [boxphone] - Your phone number
    • [boxaddressi] - Your address in single line format
    • [boxaddressm] - Your address in multi-line format
    • [boxwebsite] - Your website address
    • [boxemail] - Your email address

  • Athlete Info:
    • [athregisterlink] - Link to register athlete account
    • [athemail] - Athlete's email
    • [athphone] - Athlete's phone number
    • [athfirstname] - First name
    • [athlastname] - Last name
    • [athaddressi] - Address in single line format
    • [athaddressm] - Address in multi-line format
    • [athmembersince] - The athlete's join date

When composing an email you can add 'Placeholders' by using the email editor. Click on the Placeholder drop down menu and choose from the list of options that can be added as Dynamic Fields to your email.